Top 10 Ways to Use Virtual Reality

Kid in Virtual Reality

Virtual and augmented reality is altering the perception of how we utilize computers.  As we approach 2020, there is evidence of how this technology is seeping into the mainstream culture.  In this article, you’ll discover the top 10 uses for VR in 2019 and where the future is headed. 

10. Surgical simulations

Virtual reality is used to help share surgical simulations. These simulations allow students and people in the industry to review risky surgical methods, demonstrate and interface with technologies, And allow a skilled medical specialist to experience telepresence anywhere in the world. To date, virtual reality has made its way into the medical school and surgical rooms. Doctors share these videos, simulations, and demos to help expand their knowledge of disease and illnesses. Also, doctors who have very specialized niches in the medical community, use Virtual Reality to have telepresence in poor or more rural areas. This allows them to share their knowledge with anyone in any corner of the globe.

9. Military simulations

Training soldiers to perform on the battlefield can be very dangerous. Sometimes these training exercises can cost lives. Virtual reality allows the military to provide their soldiers with training in high-risk situations. This will enable them to develop and cultivate a response without the danger involved in being in that situation. The military has used virtual reality do Battlefield simulations with fire from many sides, to simulate defusing explosives and test new prototype aircrafts vehicles and watercrafts. Having the ability to extend the human presence from a safe environment is proving to be a valuable resource to our modern-day military. This is allowing us to have better soldiers on the battlefield that are ready for multiple scenarios.

8. Virtual Tourism

Virtual Tourism is starting to become very popular. Notably, museums are taking a leadership role in this endeavor. They are soliciting developers to create virtual spaces that display their art and centerpieces to the world. The ability to put on virtual reality goggles and be anywhere in the world is helping Drive people together. One application that recently deployed on various virtual devices is Google Earth. With this app, you could fly around the globe from your living room. If you currently have a virtual reality headset this game is a must-have. As we move towards 2020, we will see more hotels, museums, and tourist attractions adopt virtual reality systems into their business. Although going more into the weeds of virtual reality and augmented reality is outside of scope for this article, I will mention that layering virtual data on top of the physical world will become a big industry and the future.

7. VR Movies

Virtual reality is making its way into the entertainment industry through a film. Many new directors looking for different ways to tell a story are running to Virtual Reality because of its promise for modern immersive and engaging storytelling. Imagine being able to pull your audience into your world and have them take part in the story that you are creating for them. These stories can take many different forks in the road depending on what your audience does. And Amsterdam a theater is already experimenting with this concept. In this theater, the chair swivel to allow the audience to see a 360-degree view of their environment. I envision movies evolve into having a play/improv theme in the future as they continue to move towards this platform.

6. Watch sports in VR

One of my most anticipated adoptions for virtual reality is the use in the sports industry. Gone are the days of paying thousands of dollars for courtside tickets. Now fans will be able to spend a couple of dollars to get that same Courtside perspective. In a VR World, you'll be able to look all around the court field or playground to see all of the action happening simultaneously.

In addition to being able to watch sports on the field, virtual reality is also helping the players play the game. Using virtual reality coaches can replay games and review the decisions made during the action. Users can create simulations to replay scenarios that may trip them up on the court.

5. Crime Scene Investigation (CSI)

Law enforcement is starting to look into the potential of virtual reality to recreate crime scenes. One problem that criminal investigation agents have is displaying what happened in a crime scene without contaminating the scene. Using virtual reality will allow agents to capture crimes scene and make them available to other agents, detectives, police officers and juries to review the scene in an uncontaminated state. Capturing 360 views of crime scenes and police encounters may become a norm in the future. These captures can be viewed from all angles within a virtual reality environment. This will give anyone looking at the scene of a full-spectrum perspective of what happened in higher fidelity that they have today.

4. Therapy and Rehabilitation

Virtual reality has made its way to the therapeutic industry as well. By placing patients within simulations, they noticed that people recover a lot faster from injury when doing it in a relaxed environment. Virtual reality allows a physical therapist to place their patients in such an environment. Biotech company Mind Maze has created a simulation to help people suffering from limited mobility due to brain damage, to slowly regain control of their bodies.

3. Shopping

Different retailers are looking for ways to improve their customer’s experience. E-commerce is a thriving and booming industry, and new brick-and-mortar stores are looking to Virtual Reality to help bring the experience to the users. And these simulations users can try on clothes and interact as they shop with friends. Different retailers around the world are rushing towards this potential gold-mine to try and revitalize people's interests in their physical stores. These retailers are bringing the mountain to Mohammed by creating virtual reality spaces that allow people to shop for clothes, try them on and interact with their brand.

2. Porn and Adult entertainment

Of course, with any technology porn will find a way to use this to its advantage. And today's virtual reality World different porn companies can bring their users into their space by offering them new exciting experiences. Various sites like Pornhub, xHamster, and VRSumo Are creating the standard for virtual porn.

1. Human-Robot interface

One of the tops uses for virtual reality is as a human to robot interface. This allows users to have something called telepresence. This technology is currently being used by NASA to control different space orbitals, and MIT is exploring the use of this technology in autonomous robots. This method of computer robot interface, the user sits within a virtual reality environment that sends him/her the quasi-autonomous device perceives all the information on the other end. The user on the other end of this device controls the robot from its perspective. This allows users to work in extreme environments or have a present when they are physically very far away.


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