The future of Virtual Reality

So, 2019 is here, and after the last CES conference, virtual reality has a lot of promising things for the future. In this article, we would like to go over some of the most anticipated and revolutionary ideas that virtual-reality can bring to our society.  For those who have a virtual reality headset, you'll probably say that we are nowhere near this point, but from what we've observed, the industry has been developing at a rapid pace. Who knows, maybe soon, we’ll start to see some of these techno prophecies come true.

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Can Virtual Reality change your mind

Today, we are here with you to talk about virtual reality and how what happens inside this headset has the power to change what happens in the real world. By now, I'm guessing that most of you have had some experience with VR before, but for those of you who haven't, it can be hard to imagine how strapping goggles onto your face could make you feel anything, except socially awkward. Looks can be deceiving, and how VR appears from the outside can cause people to misjudge the impact that it'll have on our long-term future. The reality is that even with today's underlying technology, people are always surprised at how real and how visceral it already feels. And we're only starting to scratch the surface of what's possible.

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7 Best VR Highlights at CES 2019

CES 2019 has been a delight to follow. A lot of cool VR announcements were made by Nvidia, HTC, Audi and TPCast. There are more, but we have chosen 7 highlights that we found most exciting. First of all, welcome to another episode in our DIVE INTO VR series, where we share our excitement about VR technology, news and just everything beyond that. Today, we just wanted to share our excitement about the CES 2019 VR announcements. So here are 7 of our most favorite VR highlights Coming up!

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Why is Virtual reality Failing?

So, you've heard all of the heights regarding virtual reality. You have seen the videos on YouTube, that doesn’t seem to do the headsets justice. as you see people dawn on their VR goggles, you noticed that the expressions on their face rapidly change once the game starts. Watching these videos, you can't help but Wonder if the cost and hassle to get a VR headset is worth it. Will virtual reality last in the next couple of years or is this just the latest trend in a technological bubble?

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