Playstation 4 PSVR

You're probably already thinking: "Ugh, virtual reality? How many times has this tech been tried, and how many times has it failed? I have zero interest in anything VR-related, thanks and bye." But before you go, let me assure you, dear reader: The reason VR has failed time and time again is a lack of content. The PSVR does not suffer from this issue.

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OculusQuest : Standalone VR headset

You looked around and seen all of the alternatives to the VR headsets on the market. Now you've settled your eyes on the Oculus Quest. Scheduled to come out in Spring of 2019, the Oculus Quest is a mobile 360 degree of freedom VR device. This VR system Falls somewhere between the Oculus Rift touch and the Oculus go. It provides a stunning VR experience for an untethered and Standalone device. Using the Oculus Quest, you will not need to insert your phone into this device. All the processing power is done in the headset itself, and it's a 6 degree of Freedom headset.  Having six degrees of freedom allows you to move around the virtual environment unencumbered with any tethers. Using the Oculus touch controller, you get full degree of Freedom touch presence within the VR environment. Reach out and touch your virtual objects with ease using this device.

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The Best virtual reality headset for 2019

Oculus Go 5 Best VR Headsets
Oculus Go 5 Best VR Headsets

2019 is here and the world of VR has come a long way.  In this article, I'm going to go over the top VR headsets available for purchase now. In preparing this article, I've put in plenty of hours of research, looked at the pros and cons of each system and collected the best VR headsets in the market today. I included options for every type of consumer. Whether you are looking for an entry-level model or willing to go the next level and break your brain over some immersive VR Gaming, I hope to have the option for you.

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HTC Vive Cosmos & HTC Vive Pro Eye

During the 2019 Consumer Electronics show, HTC took the advantage and showed off two of its new devices. These devices included the HTC Vive Pro Eye and the HTC Vive Cosmos. These two devices offer consumers different experiences when it comes to their VR Gaming.  The HTC Vive Pro Eye is geared more towards the professional market while the HTC Vive Cosmo is targeted towards the mobile consumer.

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